HC!Verse Drabbles That’re Definitely Happening:

aaaand then it’s literally just whatever i feel like writing idk

There seems to be a fine line between not explaining enough & explaining TOO much, but i think you rode the line fine uvu i have an issue w/ finding that middle zone dhfkda May i ask how many parts you think you will write?

ahh yay i’m really glad to hear that! i have trouble explaining things verbally so i’m glad i don’t have that problem when i write stuff 8D

ahhh i’m not…actually sure! i have a few things I Will Write No Matter What, and then i feel like i’m just gonna do random things playing around with this and that in the verse? like set it up and then do little drabbles here and there with whatever, idk ;u;

so basically as many parts as i feel like, but definitely a fair few ouo





Ahhh thanks so much! And dont worry nothing was unclear in your writing!! I just really love hearing kaiba headcanons akdslhfs

No problem I love talking about headcanons gkjfsg <33

and yay that’s good i always worry that i get excited and don’t explain as well as i’d like too ;u; i’m glad you like it~!!!

illumese: Hello! I was wondering if you could maybe go into more depth about the symbolism in Seto's soul room? I'd love to hear the thoughts, ideas, and details behind everything! Thanks!

Oh sure!!! I can totally do that 8D 

UM…..Well, the toys and games on the floor are there because, like…even though he acts so mature he’s still a kid, and something that stuck out to me when I was watching the VR arc was how in the flashbacks to his childhood yeas with Gozaburo, he was so insistent on the importance of games and the sheer amount of them he had when Hobson takes them away… That really struck me, honestly, and I think that no matter what Gozaburo did to him — and really it does show — even if he outwardly seems like he’s forgotten how to be a kid, that part of him is still very much there; how else is he top score on every single arcade game? How else is he running one of the most successful gaming companies? Games are his life — of course they’d be all over the place in his soul room.

(As an aside, the chessboard is shoved in the corner, because IDK who I saw had the headcanon initially, but I saw someone with the headcanon that Seto never played chess again after that one game with Gozaburo, and I loved it. So it’s in the corner like that because he’s put it there, because of the bad memories he doesn’t want to think about.)

The dimness in the room is basically…symbolism for his soul being all shadowed and filled with that anger and hatred and all those nasty negative emotions and stuff — the lights that are on the two tables are, basically, his Hope. The things that light up his otherwise dark soul, the things that he lives for and cares about and that make him happy, the lights in the darkness, blah blah cheesy metaphor.

Of course one of them is Mokuba — the picture of him and his brother, and IDK if I was clear enough but the other picture is of Seto and his biological parents, though he can’t remember their faces anymore, which is why the picture is blurred. The pendant and the Blue Eyes Mokuba drew are on the table because I felt like those are really really important to him and Mokuba’s bond and relationship. 

The other one is, of course, Kaiba Land. That’s been his dream for over half of his life, and that dream has pushed him to where he is today — it hasn’t died, no matter how horrible Gozaburo was to him. And he managed it. It’s So Important to him.

The walls…I’m not exactly sure what I was going for with that. I think I was trying for his childhood/childishness (the kid’s room wallpaper) and the heartless bastard Gozaburo turned him into (the steel walls), both parts of him he wants to forget and move past, and so that’s why they’re being covered up by the plain walls, to block them out, but they’re still there and you can see them easily because as much as he wants to he’s really not that good at blocking those parts of him out.

The masks are mask symbolism; like…the asshole snarky bastard persona he wears 99% of the time to hide that he’s not so bad of a guy/hide his weakness. 

And that Egyptian cabinet isn’t really symbolic, it’s just sort of a metaphor for where Set shoved the bits of his soul.

I hope that helps/makes sense! :’D

>tries to keep drabble from being too blueshippy

>fails miserably

>just goes with it anyway



i’m writing seto and kisara having a conversation OuO i’m going to really enjoy writing and characterizing kisara heeee

(i described her as ‘a glass jar that held lightning trapped within it' i am so proud of this )









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Rivers by Michael Farris Smith

The Rook by Daniel O’Malley

Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan

The Entire Xanth Series by Piers Anthony

The Giver by Lois Lowry.

Also, the rest of the books in the series too.

In Cuba I Was A German Shepherd by Ana Menéndez

The Dunwich Horror by H.P. Lovecraft

The Nightside series by Simon R. Green

(As well as his Secret Histories, Hawk & Fisher, and Ghost Finders series.)

Anzu is the absolute best motherly hen ever. :3 I remember in season 0 Yugi got really sick and Anzu fussed all over him and kept ordering him back to bed to rest, and Jonouchi and Honda were like, she’s like a fussy wife <3

AHHH I FORGOT ABOUT THAT I only watched s0 once man i gotta rewatch that too YEAH SHE IS she’s so aggressively motherly and these dumb boys need that because otherwise they’d be running around sick and/or injured. anzu is a queen and she must be protected at all costs (not that she can’t kick ass on her own)

i’m amusing myslf with my next hc!verse drabble

because anzu is all aggressive-caretaker mode and just basically told kaiba to shut the hell up and let us take care of you or i’m going to stick tranquilizers in your drink so you cooperate

i mean i always see anzu as sweet but with a hell of a lot of steel in her and she may be motherly at times but it’s aggressive I’M WORRIED ABOUT YOU SO SHUT UP SIT DOWN AND LET ME HELP mothering 

i mean her best friends are unruly boy so she’s got to control them somehow 8D

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